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Envoy has grown to support workplaces all over the world focus on more meaningful work by taking care of the details you'd rather forget. To reflect our new privacy and security measures, we’ve updated our terms of service. You can read our updated terms here.

Add logic to your sign-in, let hosts approve unexpected visitors, and more

Add logic to your sign-in questions

Now you can make your sign-in more personalized to each visitor with conditional questions. Ask visitors a question and then ask them another based on their answer to your first question.

For instance, if you need to remain in compliance with ITAR, you probably ask if visitors are US citizens when they sign in. If they answer yes, let them continue with your sign-in unbothered with more questions. If they answer no, ask them a subsequent question, like where they hold residence or citizenship.

Available on Premium and Enterprise plans. Learn more.

Let hosts approve unexpected visitors with Slack

If you have an invite-only visitor policy, you know it can be a bit of a scramble when unexpected guests show up at your front desk. Now you can lean on the visitor’s host to help you quickly determine if a walk-in visitor is in fact scheduled to visit or if they’re not welcome at all.

When an employee gets notified in Slack that their visitor has arrived, they can instantly approve the visit by replying “On my way” or “Running late,” or flag it to an admin by replying “Not my visitor.”

Available on Standard, Premium, and Enterprise plans. Learn more.

Setup new visitor kiosks faster

If setting up more instances of Envoy is in your future, rest assured that getting started is faster and easier than ever before. Now you can clearly see each step you need to take to get started signing in visitors and creating a visitor management process that works for your team.

Available on all plans.

Free up unused rooms and book a room on the spot for 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes

Free up unused rooms to make the most of your space

Now you can easily and automatically clean up unused rooms tied to recurring meetings. Missing three consecutive check-ins will remove the event from the booked room and notify the event owner. The event will still appear on all of the attendees’ calendars. This way you can open up meeting space for those who really need it.

Available on all Rooms plans. Learn more.

Make it even easier for your team to book a room on the spot

Now your team has even more options when booking an impromptu meeting. When they discover an unused space, either on the Envoy Mobile app or directly on the iPad outside of the room, they can book an impromptu meeting for 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes—or until the next meeting begins.

Available on all Rooms plans. Learn more.

Make sure packages reach their rightful owners

Now, if someone on your team gets notified about a package that isn’t theirs, they can let your admin know by clicking “This isn’t mine” in Slack or email. They’ll stop receiving notifications, and your team can take action to get the package to the correct owner.

Available on all Deliveries plans. Learn more.

Automatically notify hosts in Glip when their guests arrive

Now you can notify your team when their visitors arrive with the Envoy + Glip integration. Employees will receive a push notification as soon as their visitor signs in with Envoy, so you can save your reception team time and make sure hosts don’t leave guests waiting. Available on Premium and Enterprise plans. Learn more.

Get alerted about visitor issues before they come on-site

Now, when invited guests complete your sign-in ahead of coming on-site, Envoy will check any new information they provide against your block list. You can ask visitors questions like “Have you been ill?” before they come on-site and, if the answer is yes, immediately alert your team. This way you can spot problems with visitors and quickly make decisions about how to conduct the visit before they come on-site.

Available to all companies who have access to the block list feature. Learn more.

Remove the host field from specific sign-in flows

Now you can create a more seamless sign-in experience by only asking certain visitor types to select a host. Since not all visitors have a host—like employees visiting from other offices or people attending an event at your workplace—you can remove the “Host” field from a sign-in flow by simply navigating to that sign-in flow and clicking the delete icon. Available on Premium and Enterprise plans. Learn more.

Navigate from one location to the next faster with location search

Managing 20 or more locations? Now you can quickly navigate from one location to the next using the new search bar in your location picker. Type in the first few letters of the location you’re looking for, and watch the list shrink to those that match. Available on Premium and Enterprise plans. Learn more.

Add privates notes about packages

Admins can now add notes to incoming deliveries to provide additional package or pick-up information to recipients. After you scan a package, you’ll be able to leave an optional note that gets sent with the package notification. Available on all Deliveries plans. Learn more.

Easily invite and sign out your visitors

Is someone you know well coming to your workplace? Now, you can easily send invites by syncing your contacts to Envoy Mobile and quickly re-inviting repeat visitors. And, once the visit is over, you can easily sign out your visitors so you have an accurate log of who’s on-site.