New data privacy features

To help support your GDPR compliance efforts, we've launched new data privacy features. Now, you can:

  • Let visitors decline data collection
  • Provide instructions when guests do not consent to data collection
  • Show your data use policy before sign-in

You can learn how to enable these features or read more about our GDPR efforts.

S2 integration

Envoy's new S2 NetBox integration automatically adds every visitor to your S2 activity logs, creates a person record, and notifies security of a blacklist breach. Available on Enterprise plans. Learn more.

Workplace by Facebook integration

Envoy's new Workplace by Facebook integration automatically sends employees a notification when their visitor arrives. Available on Premium and Enterprise plans. Learn more.

Custom delivery notification schedule

Now you can customize your delivery notification schedule. The hours you set are up to you, and they can vary per delivery area. Update your notification schedule to match your office hours, set designated pick-up times, or allow notifications 24/7. Learn more.

Manually add employees to synced directory

This feature is perfect for companies that employ temps or traveling employees. It lets you create new employees from outside your organization. Plus, it makes it easy to to add existing employees to any location in your company. Available on Premium and Enterprise plans. Learn more.

Snooze is now optional

Our snooze notifications feature lets recipients pause their notifications for one week. But since one size doesn't fit all, we're now giving Deliveries administrators the option to enable or disable the snooze feature per delivery area—providing you with more control over your delivery and pick-up policies. Learn more.

View all paired iPads and printers

Introducing the newest addition to our global overview feature—global devices. This at-a-glance view shows each paired iPad and printer, which location they're paired to, robust status details and more.

Plus, the global devices list can be sorted and filtered—perfect for remote IT managers who need to check which iPads are offline! Learn more.

View and edit delivery details

Get even more delivery details, right on your web dashboard. Now you can mark deliveries as picked up, enlarge the photo, change the recipient and more. Plus, new multi-select makes administration a breeze. Available with Envoy Deliveries. Learn more.

Resend delivery notifications

Even with reminders, some recipients need an extra nudge. Now you can now resend notifications for any delivery, at any time—from web and mobile. Available with Envoy Deliveries. Learn more.

Secure pick-up features

Looking to improve security in your delivery area? Instead of just tapping a button to collect their delivery, signature proof of pick-up requires recipients to sign for packages, and photo proof of pick-up snaps their photo for additional accountability. Available with Envoy Deliveries. Learn more.

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