Check if visitors appear on restricted parties lists with Visual Compliance

Now you can use Envoy with Visual Compliance to automatically check if visitors appear on lists of restricted parties. This includes lists of people wanted by law enforcement, US and international terrorists, and export-related restricted parties. If a signed-in or invited visitor appears on a list, your team is alerted so they can promptly take action. Available on Enterprise plans. Learn more.

Capture signatures on multiple documents

Now you can capture all the signatures you need from visitors at sign-in. In addition to your NDA, add a safety waiver, photo release, or any other document that requires its own signature to your sign-in flow. Be sure to update your Visitors Kiosk app to the latest version if you add a second document. Available on Standard, Premium, and Enterprise plans. Learn more.

Host Phone Call notifications

Let your team know when their visitors arrive with phone call notifications. When a visitor signs in, Envoy automatically calls their host at the phone number listed in your employee directory. When the host answers, a customizable recorded message plays letting them know their visitor is here. Available on Premium and Enterprise plans. Learn more.

Ubiquiti UniFi integration

The new Envoy + Ubiquiti UniFi integration makes it easy to provision a unique Wi-Fi voucher for every visitor. When a visitor signs in on the iPad, they'll automatically receive an email or SMS with instructions for accessing your Wi-Fi. Available on Enterprise plans. Learn more.

See who’s using your Wi-Fi with the updated Cisco Meraki integration

Our revamped Cisco Meraki integration now connects directly to the Meraki API, so when visitors sign out, their session ends automatically. The update also lets Security teams easily cross-reference internet activity to specific visitors. Available on Enterprise plans. Learn more.

Get block list alerts via Slack and SMS

Administrators can now get notified when people on their block list try to visit via Slack or SMS. Block list contacts can turn on Slack or SMS notifications in their Profile under Notification settings. Available on Enterprise plans.

Your sign-in, now in 17 languages

Now you can support multiple languages on the Visitors kiosk, so visitors can sign in with their language of choice. Translate your sign-in flow into 17 languages that visitors can select on your kiosk’s welcome screen. Available for all plans. Learn more.

Stop invitations to unwanted visitors

Now people on your blacklist won’t get invited to visit without your approval. If an invited visitor matches to your blacklist, your team is notified before their invitation is sent. If you deny the invitation, the guest will never know they were invited. Available on Enterprise plans. Learn more.

Introducing two new, faster ways to sign in

Update your Envoy Visitors app to find two new ways for visitors to sign in.

Been here before? Just type your name. The kiosk now asks for a visitor’s full name first. When a returning visitor types their name, the kiosk recognizes them and pre-fills their information. Available on all plans.

A speedier sign in for pre-registered visitors. Now pre-registered visitors can instantly sign in with a QR code. Visitors tap the new QR code button on the kiosk and use the iPad's camera to scan the code in their email. Available on Premium and Enterprise plans.

Learn more on our blog >

A simpler way for your visitors to pre-register

Now your visitors can upload a photo of themselves and sign any necessary documents before they arrive. The day of their visit, they simply type their name to sign in. Available on all plans. Learn more.

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