Envoy changelog
Envoy changelog

NEW! Create, delete, or edit desks directly from your dashboard





Tired of uploading a CSV every time you want to add, delete, or edit your desk setup? Well, now you don’t have to. Starting today, you can edit desks directly from the map within your desks dashboard. Check it out by going to the new Desks > Maps option in the sidebar. Learn more.

Desk dashboard editing.png

Available on all Desks plans.

Find out when coworkers accept or deny invitations





You want to work with your immediate team at HQ on Wednesday, so you invite them all to join you on-site from the Envoy app. So… are they coming? Do they have a conflict and can't make it?

Now employees get notified when the people they invite accept or deny their invitation, so they can adjust your plans as needed.

This functionality is now live for all employees at companies who have schedule sharing enabled. If you don't yet have schedule sharing enabled, you can do so in your Envoy dashboard under Protect > Settings > Employees > "Share workplace schedules."

Available on all plans.


Continue delivering memorable experiences with welcome email templates





Introducing welcome email templates: the next step in providing a personalized, exceptional first impression to every visitor type. Customize the greeting each visitor receives when they check in by configuring your welcome emails with just a few clicks. Learn more.

This feature is available on Premium and Enterprise plans.

Make Desks work the way you need it to with the Desks API







Use Envoy’s Desks API to build your own Desks integration to connect to workplace tools you already use or build out essential workflows. For example, create automated workflows to reserve and check in to desks from other workplace tools and sensors; show upcoming desk reservations on digital displays; or create custom analytics using desk reservations. Learn more.

Ensure everyone can book a desk in the workplace





Not every employee can download and use the Envoy app on their personal device. Now, you can give employees the option to book a desk from a web browser on their phone or laptop to ensure that everyone can book a desk in the workplace. Learn more.

Envoy Desks GA 3.png

Available on Desks Standard.

Free up unused desks to make the best use of your space





Encourage employees to check in to their desk via the Envoy app so you can ensure no space is wasted. If they don’t check in after a certain period of time, we’ll release that desk so someone else can use it. If someone misses check-in but still needs a desk, they’ll be able to book another one from within the Envoy app. You can also allow employees to free up their desk if they no longer need it so others can book that space. Learn more.

Envoy Desks GA 2 (1).png

Available on Desks Standard plans.

Save time coordinating workplace schedules by inviting co-workers





Hybrid work makes it tricky to find a day that everyone can meet up in person. Rather than message each person “Want to work from HQ on Tuesday?”, now you can invite co-workers to join you on days you plan to work on-site. Let your team or a work friend know which days to work on-site in moments and rest assured you’ll have a buddy when you go back.

Learn more about inviting co-workers or let your employees know what’s new with one of our templates.

Envoy Desks GA 1.png

Available on all Visitors, Protect, and Desks plans.

View Desks analytics across locations





Now you can see Desks analytics across locations in your global overview. See total desk utilization to understand how your spaces are used across all or at specific locations. You can even view future reservations so your teams can plan ahead. Learn more.

Envoy Desks GA 4.png

Available on Desks Standard.

Return together with workplace schedules





Now you can use Envoy to sync your workplace schedule with your co-workers, so no commute goes to waste. See who plans to work on-site each day before you set your schedule. Reserve a spot in the workplace to make it known which days you plan to work on-site, so your team knows when they can catch you in person.

workplace schedules.png

Turn on employee schedule visibility in your Protect settings to get started. Available on all Visitors + Protect plans.

Find out who’s working where in Slack





When it comes to working with others—whether that be asking a simple question or holding a meeting—it helps to know your collaborators’ locations.

Now with the Envoy app for Slack, you can automatically update your Slack status to show that you’re at the workplace when you sign in. If you book a desk, the Envoy app updates your status to include your desk number as well, so it’s easy for co-workers to find you.

slack status.png

Download the Slack integration for Envoy to get started. Learn more. Available on Visitors Standard, Premium, and Enterprise plans.