Envoy changelog
Envoy changelog

Streamline access to view and book desks in the mobile app




Employees can now easily access their workplace map from the homescreen to see where coworkers are sitting, find available desks, and book one in just two taps. Learn more.

Available on all Desks plans.

We’ve updated our Privacy Policy




We’ve updated our privacy policy to add transparency on how we collect, use, and protect information about users of our service. You can review our updated policy here.

Now available on the web: capture proof of vaccination and COVID test results




Not every employee can download and use the Envoy app on their personal device. Now, you can give employees the option to submit their proof of vaccination or their COVID test result on a web browser so your admin team can review and approve them to go on-site. Employees can get started from their Envoy dashboard under Your schedule.

Include videos in touchless walk-ins




Now you can add videos to your sign-in flows for walk-in visitors who arrive without prior invitation. Require visitors to view and confirm safety videos, ensuring compliance even for unplanned visits. Enable touchless walk-ins in your dashboard here.

Available on all Visitors plans.

Stay compliant with proof of vaccination or COVID tests




Keep your workplace compliant and your employees healthy. Employees can now upload either their proof of vaccination or a weekly negative COVID test result in the Envoy mobile app and submit it for admin approval. You can then choose to exempt employees from the hassle of a daily health check for a more seamless sign-in.

covid documents.jpg

Available on all Protect plans. Turn it on from your Protect settings.

Save your desk space for those who need it




Not every employee needs a desk when they go on-site. They could be stopping in to pick up a package or could be jumping between meeting rooms all day. Now you can save your desk space for those who need it by letting employees book a desk instead of assigning one by default.

Configure how this works at your locations under Desks > Settings. Learn more.

Configure requirements for returning visitors




Require returning visitors to answer certain questions again before every visit. For example, “Have you had COVID symptoms in the past 14 days?”. Available on Premium+ Visitor plans. Learn more.

Make it even easier to find and book available meeting rooms




Envoy Rooms supports lighted cases to make it even easier for employees to find and book available meeting rooms on the fly. Lighted cases use colored LEDs to show that a room is free, currently occupied, or has an upcoming reservation, so your team can see the status from across the room.

Enable lighted cases under the My Rooms settings in the Envoy dashboard.

Configure how far in advance employees can register for the workplace




Ensure that everyone has a chance to reserve a space in the hybrid workplace, even those who can’t plan ahead. Now you can configure how far in advance your team can register to come into the workplace. This will ensure that spaces are available for folks who may not plan their schedules weeks in advance.

If you don't yet have schedule sharing enabled, you can do so in your Envoy dashboard under Protect Settings. This is also where you can configure new scheduling limits. Learn more.

Hide fields from visitors or employees during sign-in




Capture information from not just visitors, but also admins and hosts during sign-in. Configure field visibility to make sure the right people answer the right questions.

Available on Premium+ Visitors plans. Learn more.