Invite guests as you schedule meetings in Outlook

Inviting someone to your office? Now you can use the Envoy for Outlook add-in to pre-register visitors when you add a meeting to your calendar.

Start by installing the Envoy for Outlook add-in from the Microsoft AppSource. The next time you create a meeting in Outlook, click the “Envoy” button in your navigation. The time and date of the visit and your guest’s email address are pre-filled, so all you have to do is add the details. Click “Invite” and your work here is done. Available on Premium and Enterprise plans. Learn more.

Create invites from Slack

Do your teammates often forget to pre-register their guests? Now anyone on your team can create an invite by typing /envoy in the message field within Slack. They’ll add the visitor’s information and the date of the visit, then the invite is on its way.

Install the Slack integration or, if you’re already using the integration, head to the integrations page in your dashboard and find Slack. Click "Configure," "Connect to Slack," and then “Reauthorize” to see the new functionality. Available on paid plans. Learn more.

Keep your directory in sync and enable SSO with the Centrify integration

Make sure your Envoy employee directory is always up to date and that employees access your dashboard securely with our new Centrify integration. Any time you make a change in Centrify your Envoy employee directory will update in real-time to match. You can also use SAML to provide your team with single sign-on access to Envoy through Centrify. Available on Premium and Enterprise plans. Learn more.

Securely share your Wi-Fi with the Ruckus integration

Give visitors secure, temporary access to your Wi-Fi with the Ruckus integration. Automatically share a unique Wi-Fi access code with visitors once they’ve signed in. See how visitors are using your Wi-Fi network in your Ruckus dashboard and, once the visitor signs out, instantly deactivate their access code. Available on Enterprise plans. Learn more.

Confirm visitors have watched your safety video

Now you can make sure that visitors watch a safety video in your sign-in flow by adding it to a legal document. This requires that visitors play the video and sign to confirm they watched it before entering your workplace. Available on Premium and Enterprise plans. Learn more.

Send emergency notifications to visitors with the Everbridge integration

Make sure everyone who’s on-site leaves safely in an emergency with the Envoy + Everbridge integration. Connect your Everbridge account to automatically send emergency notifications to any visitors who are on site. Available on Enterprise plans. Learn more.

Salesforce integration now allows you to create any object

With this update, you can configure which objects are created in Salesforce and how they’re created when a visitor signs in. This includes the flexibility to create or update objects like Tasks, Accounts, and Contacts, in addition to Leads.

You can also choose which Envoy fields map to Salesforce fields so the right information ends up in the right place. Available on Premium plans. Learn more.

Sign out visitors automatically at a specific time

Now you can set a time to automatically sign out visitors, so your visitor log more closely reflects when visitors actually leave. If any visitors haven’t signed out by the time you set, Envoy will sign them out instantly. Available on all plans. Learn more.

Sync your employee directory automatically with Azure AD

Keep your Envoy employee directory updated in real time using with the Envoy + Azure Active Directory integration. With the new integration, users are automatically synced when changes are made in Azure Active Directory. Available on Premium plans. Learn more.

Notify teammates when visitors arrive with Microsoft Teams

Now you can automatically notify hosts when their visitors arrive with the Envoy + Teams integration. When a visitor signs in, their host instantly receives a message in Teams letting them know their guest is here. Available on Standard plans. Learn more.